Trade Rules for TTs and TTNs

Trade Rules for TTs and TTNs

Postby BlueZircon on Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:20 pm

General Trade Rules for All Trusted Traders and Nominees

1. Allow Private Messaging - You MUST set your control panel to allow you to receive private messages (PMs). If this feature is not turned on, you will lose TT/TTN status - and seeing we can't PM you, we won't be able to contact you to let you know.

2.Trade List - You MUST have a trading list posted to be a TTN or TT. This list must be updated (including an updated date in the title) at least every 30 days. If you are found not to have a list, we will remove your TTN or TT status after PMing you one warning first. You will then have 48 hours to post a list, and if you do not you will be returned to Member status. Your trading list must have both HAVE and WANT sections and must be updated at least once a month.

3. Who can I trade with? - NO trading with anyone other than Trusted Traders (TTs), Trusted Trader Nominees (TTNs) or Staff Members. New TTs may not trade with TTNs for at least 2 weeks. Additional Guidelines for TTNs can be found at the bottom of the page.

4. Additional Requirements - You must log on to KinzGuru at least once a month, receive feedback at least once a month, and continue to post frequently to remain a TT or TTN. If you do not remain active your account may be returned to member status at the discretion of the staff.

5. NEW: Leave Feedback - Please leave feedback for other traders in their FEEDBACK threads in the trading section. We do not have iTrader available to us at this time, so this is our only way to know if you have been actively trading.

6. Have item(s) in hand prior to trade - You MUST have an item in hand before you offer it for trade. If you are trying to set up a 3-way trade (ie, trade a balloon to member A for a lawn chair, then trade the lawn chair to member B for a milkshake), you MUST let all parties know upfront. This also means if you offer Person A an item, and you only have one of that item, you can't also offer Person B the same item. If you do that and both agree to the trade you'll not be able to complete one of the trades and you will be reported and receive an infraction.

7. Always follow-through - If you agree to a trade, you MUST follow through. Once both parties have agreed to a trade, the terms should not be changed. If there is a problem, please contact a Mod/Admin immediately.

8. Do not harass other members about trades. - If someone declines your trade offer, move on.

9. Respect younger members! - Do not try to pressure them into trades, or offer them unfair trades as they may not realize the value of their items.

10. Trading real items or pet codes is not permitted. - ABSOLUTELY NO trading of ANY real items (as in mailing a physical item to someone in exchange for their physical item) or pet codes. This is for your own safety; if someone knows a code for your pet, they may be able to gain access to your account.

11. Trading code shop items is okay. The person with the codes should provide them first, and the recipient should enter them at the code shop to make sure they are unused, BEFORE sending the trade item in return. Attempting to trade someone a used charm code or trading card code will result in immediate removal from trading at

12. Trading eStore codes is allowed. - You may list these on your thread, stating you will purchase the eStore Code of the person's choice. Send them the code, and then they can send you your items in trade. This is risky business and you engage in it at your own risk!

13. Can I trade items for family members? What's my responsibility? - All trades conducted through your KinzGuru account are YOUR responsibility. If you wish to put trades on your list for someone else - your little sister, your children, etc. - that is fine... BUT any trades done through your account are your responsibility! If your little sister doesn't complete the trade that was agreed to through you, YOU WILL BE LOSE YOUR TT STATUS! Keep this in mind if you choose to share your account.

14. Do not "Bait and Switch" - It is no allowed to put something on your list that you're not willing to part with, and then when someone makes an offer you say "Well how about I trade you this other item instead..."

15. NO SCAMMING! - Given proof, if you scam someone on another site you will lose TT or TTN here, too. If you scam someone here, we reserve the right to ban you from our forum. We cannot risk having our members scammed.

16. Stick to the Trade List. - Do not ask someone for something that is not found on their trade list (unless invited to do otherwise)! If you do you, and it is reported, you will receive an infraction. Do not contact someone asking them for an item you see in a screencap of their room! If it's not on their trade list, you will be reported and receive an infraction.

17. You may only bump your trade list once a day. - You are NOT permitted to bump your list more often than once every day! If you continue to bump your list more often after being warned you will lose TT status.

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